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Iain Banks March 28, 2007

Posted by taryn in best books ever.
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j12.jpgI saw Iain Banks at The Oxford Writing Festival. He is my new hero, hilarious, self-deprecating and witty, what a legend.

His latest book Garbadale is great – v funny and bittersweet. It is dedicated to lost loves. Definitely worth a read – get it now! Iain is a great storyteller whether its sci fi, the intricacies of unrequited love or general family madness. There are some cool settings in Singapore, Shanghai and HK and if you’ve been to any of these places you’ll recognise them. Banks is great at painting different (but accurate) pictures of places.

At the festival, I asked Iain for some reading recommendations but I forgot to write the authors down and now I’m kicking myself!

Some things you might not know:

– Don’t ask him “Where do your ideas come from?” or some other variant, he doesn’t know he just loves to explore all these ideas and see where they go.

– He is writing a new sci fi novel at the moment, he tends to alternate between mainstream and sci fi.

– He works very closely with Ken Mcleod – Learning the world author – which I have read but have yet to review…

– His favourite whiskey is Laphraig, and he had the best time writing and drinking and being driven around when he wrote the book Raw Spirit.

– He loves to read.

– He wrote a novella at age 14 and rewrote it into a novel at age 16.

– He reads alot of new scientist and has loads of ideas written down, but doesn’t have any unfinished manuscripts hanging about…